Dear Donna,

Thanks for the information. I realize the issue of different coordinate
spaces. What I am not sure of is this: If I specify the original space
(e.g., T88 or SPM2) for each study in the foci text file, or in the study
tab when entering individual foci using the GUI (5.2.2 in the tutorial),
will Caret take this into consideration when projecting to the PALS brain?
Or do I have to go through some intermediate of transforming from one space
to another? Originally I was considering using the tal2mni Matlab function
from the Cambridge imagers web site you mentioned to get all coordinates
into MNI space, but maybe this is redundant in Caret.



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Hi Leon,

Shawn has done exactly what you want to do, so if anyone knows the 
pitfalls, he does. ;-)

Besides Shawn's useful notes, make sure you read sections 1.2.3 and 5.2 
of this tutorial, if you haven't done so already:


This tutorial includes a spec file intended for this purpose. The ones 
in the Caret fmri_mapping directory are not really intended for use as 
"visualization" specs; rather, Caret uses them when mapping fMRI data 
onto PALS_B12. You can, however, use the average fiducial surfaces in 
that directory for your foci-related purposes. Note that studies report 
results in stereotactic spaces other than MNI (e.g., AFNI users report 
true Talairach-Tournoux (T88) coordinates, which differs significantly 
from MNI -- see; researchers typically use "711-2*" space -- somewhere between 
T88 and MNI). See for additional 

Reading tutorial section 5.2 may clarify some of this, but you're likely 
to have residual questions/confusion about these spaces.

On 12/08/2006 10:24 AM, Christ, Shawn E. wrote:
> Hi Leon,
> I have been working with David, Donna, and John on utilizing Caret for 
> precisely this purpose with respect to an ALE-type meta-analysis on 
> deception that we have submitted for publication. You can download a 
> copy of our spec file, etc. at 
> I've also uploaded a copy of my personal notes on how to transform 
> foci using Caret. They can be found at 
> I hope this helps!
> Best,
> -Shawn
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> Hi,
> I am in the process of doing a meta-analysis of imaging data. I am a 
> complete novice to Caret, but from a quick look it seems it's 
> stereotaxic foci functions would be ideal to log the peak activity 
> data from different studies. Eventually I would like to display 
> symbols for each peak on a 3D brain rendering of some sort. Perhaps 
> Naively, I thought I could load a template brain (open a spec file), 
> add foci (assuming for a moment I have all coordinates in MNI space) 
> using for example 'layers>foci>map stererotaxic focus', and see them 
> pop-out on the brain. However, at first pass, I run into the following 
> questions:
> a) What brain (spec file) should I load from the fMRI_mapping folder? 
> There are so many of them. Is there anywhere a text file describing 
> what these different files are?
> b) If I enter a focus with coordinates which happen to be under the 
> surface by a few millimeters, they don't show up on the surface. Is 
> there a way to project them to the surface or to make the brain 
> 'transparent'?
> c) Once I have the foci entered, can I project them to an inflated 
> brain, and if so, how?
> Finally, I assume I am not the first to want to use Caret for this 
> purpose - does someone have a 'recipe' for such a project or tips on 
> what pitfalls to avoid?
> Thanks,
> Leon
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