I found that the header for the login page when I updated to 5.3.2 is too 
large and overlaps some of the other page elements when I use Internet 
Explorer 11.  This does not occur in Chrome.  I poked around and found that 
if I change the cas.css file so that the logo class has a height property 
of 40px then IE 11 will render like Chrome.

While I know how to make the change in the CAS overlay I would like to 
submit a pull request but the cas.css file in question does not appear to 
exist in the github repo.  I am expecting it to be at 
but I can only find a file at 
The latter file is not the same as what appears in my target overlay when I 
don't make changes to the overlay src.

I think the change to using an SVG image for the logo caused this issue to 
come up but I don't know enough to know whether there is a better way to 
address the issue than just adding the height property.

If anyone can point me in the right direction as to what file to edit 
though I will submit a pull request.



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