Sys::Hostname or a statically set config var,  as there is no reference to
a request at that point (or any real way to derive the list of possible
hostnames hat could be requested).  But then again,  unless you "know" the
hostname that will always be requested why try to set it at that point at
all?  I would still opt for using the request to set a dynamic hostname
later in the process unless you have good reason not to (ssl cert tied to a
hostname for example).  I think most times it is better to not assume that
the hostname requested will be static in code. It makes for a more flexible
and  deployment easier for your app (do you really want to go change a
hardcoded hostname when dns changes need to happen).

Yes, these days we've just made some changes including DNS changes and for a few days we will have a temporary address for internal use, just a public IP, and I hope as soon as possible we've have a real address working and I would like to make all those ways of accessing the server work.

You said that I could make those settings later. Did I understand correctly that I could re-write that config settings in the controller for making it available to all the controllers?

It could be helpful for other things, because for this problem I learned that I can simply avoid setting a domain for the cookie.


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