On Jan 11, 2008, at 5:29 AM, Carl Johnstone wrote:

cookie_domain => the_host()
in the MyApp config, but when I try to start the server it gives an error telling that I can't use the method "req" because $c is undefined.

I'd be curious about why you wanted the cookie domain in the config anyway!

I think the idea was something along the lines of...

MyApp->config->{ 'session' }->{ 'cookie_domain' } = MyApp->request- >header->( 'host' );

I presume you've got a bit of code like:

$c->response->cookies->{'foo'} = { domain => $c- >config('cookie_domain') };

In which case why couldn't you just do

$c->response->cookies->{'foo'} = { domain => $c->req->hostname };

But anyway, what I need is working because I can avoid setting a domain name for the cookie.

Yeah exactly, setting the domain in the cookie to match the domain requested is pretty pointless anyway as that's what browsers do by default. About the only time you need to send a domain back is when you want to set a cookie across all subdomains or similar. Eg: { domain => '.example.com' }

In which case you could still do something in Root/auto if you wanted to modify it...

my $domain_re = join( '|', qw(
) );

sub auto : Private {
    my ( $self, $c ) = @_;

    if ( $c->request->header( 'host' ) =~ /(\.(?:$domain_re))$/ ) {
        $c->config->{ 'session' }->{ 'cookie_domain' } = $1;

    return 1;

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