From: piet molenaar 
  Subject: [Catalyst] (no subject)


We work with svn were we've committed the schema classes also into the 
Using the Catalyst helper script we tried to update the DBIC schema that was 
created with 
the Catalyst helper after checkout on another machine and the following error 
appeared.DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::make_schema_at(): It is not possible to 
"downgrade" a schema that was loaded with use_moose => 1 to use_moose => 0, due 
to differing custom content at 
/home/danny/perl5/lib/perl5/Catalyst/Helper/Model/DBIC/ line 635
 I have to mention that we work both on Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows (7) 
configurations. The error appeared after building the schema on the Windows 
machine; checking it in and subsequently rebuilding (after changes) on Ubuntu.

We also tried to install the latest version of DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader and 
the latest Catalyst helper, and then the latest DBIx::Class, and run the 
Catalyst helper to update the schema, but it still gives that error.

What can we do? Where can we specify use_moose => 1 to make it work?

We've looked into documentation but there is no mention about a best practice 
of keeping the schema files out of a shared repository. Or am I confused here?
I also noted that a similar question was posed on the DBIX mailing list, but 
IMHO this list might be more appropriate.

Cheers & thanks in advance,

  Yep, I put that question on DBIC mailing list because actually is about DBIC, 
but got no answer, so if someone on Catalyst mailing list know... please help.

  I have the same problem. Development on Windows and use in production on 
Ubuntu and then tried to update the DBIC schema on Ubuntu.

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