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> On 24 October 2012 17:59, Bill Moseley <mose...@hank.org> wrote:
> > PerlBal (as in this old post:
> > http://lists.danga.com/pipermail/perlbal/2005-November/000138.html )
> can do
> > this as well.
> >
> > I wonder about the topology.   We used to run with Perlbal (and heartbeat
> > and IP failover) in front of a pool of web servers.   We now run with
> > hardware load balancers in front of a pool of web servers.
> >
> > The load balancer does make it easy to adjust the pool -- as well as
> > gracefully handle a web server dropping out of the pool.   I don't want
> to
> > add yet another set of servers for an extra proxy layer.
> >
> > So, I'm currently thinking of running Nginx on each web server.
> (Keep-alive
> > between the load balancer and Nginx, and no keep-alive between Nginx and
> > Catalyst with maybe Starman.)
> Um... how is adding nginx instead of perlbal not "adding yet another
> set of servers"?

I'm talking hardware.   I'd rather not add another set of servers between
the load balancer and the web pool.   It's just more to manage and monitor
and one more place to fail.   We used to run Perlbal like that when we had
less capable load balancers.

If I put Nginx/Perlbal on each web server it simplifies the architecture.
No need to run redundant Perlbal/Nginx with heartbeat and failover on a
separate set of servers in each data center.

> What features of nginx are you looking to use vs say perlbal - depends
> on how you'd use it and what for, and how easily either would acheive
> your goals easily - perlbal *could* have a short/shallower learning
> curve, or nginix may be drop-in job that just works without any
> customisation or special extensions

Obviously, I'm looking for working progress bar, but also upload buffering
so the web app processes are not tied up waiting on client uploads.   Of
course, scaling extra web processes is pretty easy which is why we haven't
worried too much about buffering uploads.

Haven't had the need to reproxy.

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