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> And UploadProgress is shipped, should be available once it's reindexed
> (permissions cock up), which should be shortly :)

So, when running under Starman the uploads are buffered before chunked to
Catalyst, which means the progress bar data isn't updated until the upload
has completed.  This renders the upload progress bar pretty useless with

The progress bar works fine running the app under mod_perl.

I suppose using something like Nginx or Perlbal in front of the app would
work (because those do cache uploads but also provide a hook for reading
upload progress).   But, we already have hardware load balancers in front
of the app, so don't really need an extra proxy in front of every web

Any other options?   Using a upload/request caching proxy is probably THE
correct answer since don't really want to tie up the app with slow uploads.

I guess I should test, but I wonder if there's a limit on what Starman will
buffer -- I assume it's buffering in memory.

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