* Bill Moseley <mose...@hank.org> [2012-10-22 00:50]:
> So, when running under Starman the uploads are buffered before chunked
> to Catalyst, which means the progress bar data isn't updated until the
> upload has completed. This renders the upload progress bar pretty
> useless with Starman.
> The progress bar works fine running the app under mod_perl.
> I suppose using something like Nginx or Perlbal in front of the app
> would work (because those do cache uploads but also provide a hook for
> reading upload progress). But, we already have hardware load balancers
> in front of the app, so don't really need an extra proxy in front of
> every web server.

Note that Perlbal::Plugin::PSGI allows you to run a PSGI app directly
inside Perlbal. So if you are using Perlbal, you can skip Starman and
avoid the separate set of processes entirely, if you wish to.

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