I finally got some time to work on the images of the Snowy Owl that is at the Waterloo Outlets. A friend went to look for it today with no success. Anyone else try? With success? I hope it wasn't hit by a car while flying low over the thruway.

I have two images in an album called Snowy Owls.
http://www.pbase.com/carol_keeler_photo/image/140638485 and then click next to get to the next image. The rest of the images were from several years ago when we had an influx of snowies.

Yesterday, I also stopped at Mud Lock and both eagles were there. There was also a flyover of Trumpeter Swans. I went through Montezuma. There were hundreds of Canada Geese sitting on the ice. There were a hundred or so swans sleeping on the ice as well. They looked like little white pillows. On the back fence by the thruway was an immature red-tail hawk. Coming back from the Outlet I went down King Rd. which had a Northern Flicker and a few Eastern Bluebirds.

Carol Keeler


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