*  New York*  Syracuse   
   - November 07, 2016
*  NYSY  11. 07.16 Hotline: Syracuse Rare bird AlertDates(s):October 31, 2016 - 
November 07, 2016to report by e-mail: brinjoseph AT yahoo.comcovering upstate 
NY counties: Cayuga, Montezuma National Wildlife Refugeand Montezuma Wetlands 
Complex (MWC) (just outside Cayuga County),Onondaga, Oswego, Lewis, Jefferson, 
Oneida, Herkimer,  Madison & Cortlandcompiled: November 07  AT 4:00 p.m. 
(EST)compiler: Joseph BrinOnondaga Audubon Homepage: www.onondagaaudubon.org  
Greetings: This is the Syracuse Rare Bird Alert for the week of October 31, 

Montezuma National Wildlife Complex (MNWC) and Montezuma Wetlands Complex 
     11/1: A late WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER was seen along the Wildlife Drive.     
11/4: 7 CATTLE EGRETS were found with the cows at Goose Haven on Rt. 89. Some 
of them flew to the Wildlife Drive and were seen in flight and on the road. 
They have been seen daily at Goose Haven including today.     11/5: An EURASIAN 
WIGEON was found in the main pool along the Wildlife Drive and has been seen 
each day since.     11/6: A CACKLING GOOSE was seen at the Visitor’s Center 
pool. TUNDRA SWANS were seen from VanDyne Spoor Road and TRUMPETER SWANS were 
seen from Carncross Road.

Cayuga county------------
     11/2: An EVENING GROSBEAK was found at Fair Haven State Park. 2 EVENING 
GROSBEAKS were found at the Sterling Nature Center.     11/5: A SANDERLING was 
seen at the West Barrier Beach in Fair Haven.     11/7: A SANDERLING and 2 
EVENING GROSBEAKS were seen at Fair Haven State Park.

Onondaga county------------
     11/2: 4 CATTLE EGRETS were found at a farm on Old seneca Turnpike north of 
Skaneateles. Unfortunately they were not relocated after this day.     11/5: A 
BRANT was seen at the south end of Onondaga Lake at the end of the Creekwalk.   
  11/6: all three SCOTERS were seen at Maple Bay on the west side of Onondaga 

Oswego County------------
     11/3: A NORTHERN SHRIKE was seen on Rt. 17 north of Redfield.     11/5: A 
BLACK SCOTER was seen on Lake Neatahwanta in Fulton.     11/7: All three 
SCOTERS were seen in Oswego Harbor.

Madison County------------
     11/2: A GOLDEN EAGLE was seen from Rt.13 north of Cazenovia. 2 SANDHILL 
CRANES were seen on Gee Road north of Chittenango.     11/6: A LAPLAND LONGSPUR 
was seen on Ditchbank Road north of Chittenango. A CACKLING GOOSE was seen on 
Woodman Pond north of Hamilton.

Oneida County------------
     11/5: 12 PINE SISKINS were seen at Spring Farm Nature Sanctuary south of 

Herkimer County------------
    10/31: A PINE SISKIN was seen at a feeder north of Dolgeville.A GREATER 
WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was seen on Wheelock Pond north of Litchfield.     11/4: A 
NORTHERN SHRIKE was seen hunting at a feeder north of Dolgeville.
     --end report 
Joseph BrinRegion 5Baldwinsville, NY 13027  U.S.A.  

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