No Fox Sparrows, but I plan to observe and listen very carefully tomorrow
morning. Heard a drumming sapsucker this morning and another lone Barred
Owl last evening when I was taking down the feeders. Also a lot of Flickers
flushing from roadside areas and yards when driving.

You can have some of my siskins any ol' time. How about 6 siskins for one
Fox Sparrow? They're territoriality is likely chasing away some something
I'm hankering to see. My plans for the morning include kinglets, Fox
Sparrows, and Pine Warblers. Here that, you boids??

I am going to be in Albuquerque and eastern NM next week and LA the week
after, so hope to expand my list then. Never seen a Scissor-tailed
Flycatcher yet.

On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:40 PM, W. Larry Hymes <> wrote:

> While walking through Mundy Wildflower Garden today, I came across both
> RUBY-CROWNED and GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS foraging together.  That in itself
> is not so unusual.  What was really strange, however, was they were
> foraging among the leaf litter *on the ground*!!  That's a first for me!
> We are still having FOX SPARROWS --- 9 days in a row, and counting!  I
> tried to trade a Fox Sparrow for Ann Mitchell's Towhee, but she hasn't seen
> it for awhile.  How about you, Asher.  Got anything good to swap for one of
> "my" Fox Sparrows?
> Larry
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