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>From May-14 to May-18, 2018 we are organizing an Open-Sesame and Instruct-ERIC 
>workshop: “Remote X-ray data collection from European synchrotrons at the 
>Weizmann Institute of Science”, Rehovot, Israel. The program of this workshop 
>has been updated, please check at 
> .

This workshop is organized in the context of the EU projects Open SESAME and 
Instruct-ERIC, together with DLS (Diamond, Oxford, UK), and ESRF (Grenoble, 
France) and the support of FEBS (Federation of European Biochemical Societies). 
The protocols for using ISPyB, remote data collection and data processing at 
DLS and ESRF will be discussed, demonstrated and used. The workshop will 
consist of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations and hands-on remote data 
collection sessions at DLS and ESRF using either test crystals or student 
crystals. Experts are on-site for carrying out the remote data collection 
sessions as well as to demonstrate how to use the pipelines on data processing 
and structure determination calculations available at the ESRF and DLS. 
Additionally, computing facilities and experts are available for on site data 
processing and structure improvement/structure validation calculations. These 
topics will also be introduced by targeted presentations and tutorials as 
outlined in the updated program outline.

The remote data collection at ESRF and DLS is scheduled for the 2nd and 4th day 
of the workshop, respectively. All information on the workshop and on the 
application details are available at . There is no registration fee, 
and the workshop will cover the costs of room & board, at the Weizmann 
Institute, for participants.

Travel fellowships are available, please request such support in the motivation 
letter. The workshop will be limited to a maximum of 25 participants, and the 
deadline for registration is 11.03.2018.

For those unable to make it in person, the meeting will be streamed on the 
internet via Zoom Video Conferencing. Details of the url will be sent out and 
posted on the Conference web site prior to the start of the workshop.

This workshop is particularly targeted for PhD students and postdocs having 
projects aimed at 3D structure determination using biomacromolecular crystals, 
working at institutes that are members of SESAME and/or working at institutes 
of Instruct-ERIC countries relatively far from European Synchrotrons, as well 
as for students from non-EU countries working at EU-institutes who need to 
apply for visa, restricting efficient access to perform on-site data 
collection. Students are encouraged to send crystals in advance, which will 
then subsequently be shipped to DLS or ESRF and used as examples for remote 
data collection.

On behalf of the organizers,

Joel L. Sussman and Rik Wierenga

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