On Fri, 14 Oct 2016, Pete Turnbull wrote:
That's right - except it was started in 1997 and run by Bill Whitson at the University of Washington - and I joined a few months after it started. Same experience as Tony.

I normally don't post much here; I read everything, but I don't do much with my collection anymore. Bill advertised his proposed new mailing list on alt.folklore.computers (and, I'm sure, other places; that was where I read it) and you had to write a paragraph or two on why you wanted to join. I don't have the message Bill wrote back to me anymore, but I remember him telling me I was number 6 to reply. My message to him, which I did save, is dated the evening of March 12, 1997, and I seem to recall the list started a couple of days later.

The list's 20th anniversary is coming up very soon!

Richard Schauer

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