On 10/14/2016 10:32 AM, Richard Schauer wrote:

I'm searching the alt.folklore.computers group (on Google; my ISP no longer runs a NNTP server) and I can't find Bill's initial invitation message. I find a later one from June 1997, cross-posted to lots of comp.sys.* groups, advertising the (existing) group, and a couple from some comp.sys.* groups from March 13th in which he says the list "just started."
I hate to fuss, but Google trashed the text archives some time ago after acquiring the effort that was archiving them. Unless you have your own email archive and it has the message, there is hit and miss on what Google may have retained. Don't recall, Deja-news? or such. I know that several groups i had archived suddenly looked like swiss cheese after they took it over.

comp.databases.pick being one of them. I also had had an email exchange with Dennis Richie which was lost. Also was in on the discussions with some guy name Torvalds who was writing his own system and arguing with Tanenbaum.


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