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> I had this experience with a Tadpole N40, running AIX 3.
> I simply DD'ed the drive, took the image...
> $ strings aix-machine.img | grep root:
> ...to get the password line.
> Dump that into a passwd file and run john (the password cracker utility) on
> it for a couple days.
> I don't think Linux can mount the early AIX filesystems directly.
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>> On Feb 1, 2018, at 7:28 PM, Tapley, Mark via cctech wrote:
>>>> Image the hard drive off to a raw file using a linux host with a SCSI
>> HBA?
>>>> Once that is done, it might be possible to run a hex editor against the
>> hard drive (one that doesn't copy the contents into RAM) and then search
>> for the password file. From there you can copy the des hash and use rainbow
>> tables / wordfiles to crack it or replace it with a known DES hash?
>> You don't need to do any of these things.
>>> Update, I did locate a CD saying “AIX V4.2.1 for 5765-C34” and this URL:
>> All you need is this disk. You can boot it, and use it to start a
>> maintenance shell, from which you can mount the root filesystem and edit
>> the password file(s) directly. The procedure you found will get you there,
>> easily.
>> ok
>> bear.
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>> until further notice
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        thanks most kindly to all! It is rare in this hobby that I can report 
that things went perfectly the first time, but this is one of those times. I 
have reset the root password and logged in successfully, and the machine 
appears to be responding nominally. I believe I will be using that machine to 
push command databases for the re-animated IMAGE spacecraft up the wire to 
Goddard Space Flight Center starting Monday morning. 
        To recap, the system is a Risc System 6000 43P-140 running AIX 4 
(possibly 4.1; I will amplify if anyone cares). The CD described above and this 


did the trick perfectly. This is a PCI based PowerPC machine. I did need to 
obtain an IBMid to read the web page completely. 

        I have a SCSI2SD which I will probably use as a target for dd, 
following the suggestion to back up the hard drive. Hopefully i have time 
enough to do my homework to configure that, but as before any pointers will be 
        Again, many thanks for your help!
                                                                        - Mark

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