In my excitement about getting a new machine to play with I forgot what I had done previously with these iso images.  That is, I used linux to dd them onto SD cards attached to SCSI2SD drive emulators.
Geez, a few months go by and I forget everything.

BTW, I looked at imgburn.  When I downloaded the installer my Norton Antivirus found a Trojan in it, so I passed.


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I'm getting an Alphaserver 1000a and wanted to install VMS 8.4 - hobbyist
license from CD.

So, I went to the folder on my PC where I have the 8.4 hobbyist
distribution.  There are 3 ISO files; ALPHA084, ALPHA084LP1 and

Whilst they may have a ".iso" extension, they are not, strictly speaking "ISO" 
files as that implies a file format within the CD.
I believe that these are VMS (ODS) format disks and burning programs that check 
for ISO will fail.

I thought I would burn these to CD and up and away.  However, Windows 7
balks and says, 'The selected disc image file isn't valid'.

Is it Windows 7 or is there something I'm missing?  Is the CD on the
I think that’s what I used...

Alphaserver 2048 byte block size or 512?

I honestly can't remember, but I don't think it matters.



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