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Is there a standard procedure for recovering lost passwords for these
systems, or for resetting passwords? I do have physical access to the
machine; it’s possible I can find an AIX install disk but it’s *highly*
desirable to preserve the contents of the existing hard drive.

I want to say that my machine's a 43P-140, too (and I actually have a pair of them, but one has some form of hardware fault)

Anyway, for mine, I seem to remember putting the drive into one of my SGIs (I didn't have a PC with SCSI on this side of the Atlantic) and writing a little script which read the drive block-by-block, saving any to the SGI which looked like they might be file fragments containing root password entries.

That gave me ten or so blocks, which I then moved over to a Linux PC (which had a little more CPU power than the SGI). AIX's password file format is a little different to that of everyone else (of course), so I had to tweak the data to get it into the right format. From there, it was just a case of running a Unix password cracker and it just took a minute or two to find the root password.

I forget now which version of AIX I have; I remember that the password mechanism changed at some point (and 99% of the information I found at the time via Google related to a different version; it was hard to find details on the one that I have)



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