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I've got a board house I usually use, but if I can find a shop in the USA
that will do hard gold plating and provide a comparable cost-per-board, I'd
certainly switch!

There are few board houses in the US anymore, and they are usually doing aerospace or government work, and are quite expensive. Most of the supposedly US-based outfits now do almost all their fabrication in China.

I use E-teknet, based in AZ, but their fabs are in China. They do VERY good work. In the distant past I did a lot of boards with US makers, but had a constant problem that they would charge me for electrical test, and then just cheat and NOT actually test the boards, just do a visual inspection. So, I ended up with 4-layer boards with shorts on the inner layers! And, only found those after stuffing the boards. A MAJOR pain, and I would blacklist those companies. Well, E-teknet has never done that to me. (The flying probe tester leaves TINY dots on the pads, so you can tell whether a board has been tested or not.)


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