> Also, what was the deal back in the OpenSolaris days before Oracle killed it? 
> Did that codebase have CDE? I also wonder about Illumos. Do they still have a 
> CDE codebase, too? I'm guessing Sun just didn't release it with the rest of 
> the code.

Sun didn't have the rights to release CDE at that time, so presumably didn't 
see the point in releasing their related code. Some things like the graphical 
workspace manager, seem to have been either licensed from or inspired by other 
CDE variants (Triteal is the one  that particularly resembles, if memory 

During the Solaris 10 to Solaris 11 days including OpenSolaris, there were 
releases called Solaris SXCE that still had CDE in them but had the evolving 
Solaris 11 environment underneath; the components unique to those were not 
open-sourced, and I think the license was limited to non-production use and 
perhaps to a limited timespan, although nothing actually enforced that (I think 
I have an x86 SXCE VM image still, and it works passably well last I tried; I 
may also have some  of the opencsw stuff on there, which is still updatable, 
although the OS itself is not).

I think I once compiled a non-recent version of open-source CDE for Solaris 11 
(SPARC), and it mostly worked, although dtmail was definitely unusable.

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