ilya-biryukov added inline comments.

Comment at: clangd/Protocol.h:190
   /// (see exit notification) its process.
-  llvm::Optional<int> processId;
+  llvm::Optional<int> processId = 0;
jkorous-apple wrote:
> Sorry if I am asking stupid question but since the type is Optional<> isn't 
> it's default-constructed value more appropriate here?
Totally, my mistake. Fixed now.

Comment at: clangd/Protocol.h:211
   /// The initial trace setting. If omitted trace is disabled ('off').
-  llvm::Optional<TraceLevel> trace;
+  llvm::Optional<TraceLevel> trace = TraceLevel::Off;
jkorous-apple wrote:
> Does it still make more sense to use Optional<TraceLevel> than plain 
> TraceLevel?
Optional here makes sense (LSP defines the field as nullable), the intializer 
didn't. Fixed now.

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