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the CGI::Application documentation said, feature requests should be
sent to this mailing list, so that's why I'm posting here. Sorry if I
dont't know about recent topics here (is there a web archive
available anywhere?)

This is the place. The archives are at:

which it mentions at the bottom of each message from the list.

We stepped into memory problems using CGI::Application, as our
application had to deliver a file to the customer after doing some
calculations and access control. It worked well until our customer
started to serve *really* huge files, wich were slurped into memory
by the run mode handler and then returned for delivery.

As far as I could see there is no way supplied in CGI::Application to
stream a file directly from the file system to the user agent.

I fixed the problem with the attached patch, that allows to return not
only a string or string reference, but also a file handle. It should
be compatible with the previous version as far as I can see.

Using this patch I can now use the following code to deliver the
file, without having it in memory:

sub myhandler { my $self = shift;


    -type                  => 'application/octet-stream',
    '-Content-length'      => -s $filename,
    -Application           => $filename,
    '-Content-Disposition' => "attachment; filename=\"$filename\"",

  open my $fh, "</home/hoeni/Muenchen_10685x9166.jpg"
    || die;
  return $fh

I think that this is a really good idea. Although not necessary. You could alternatively do this:

  print "Content-Type: application/octet-stream\n";
  #print the other headers here...

  open my $fh, "</home/hoeni/Muenchen_10685x9166.jpg"
        || die;

  while(my $line = <$fh>) { print $line };

at the end of your runmode. But I think I like your idea better.

The file is not given to cgiapp_postrun() with would make no sense

Well, it might... what if I wanted to close the filehandle, or release on lock on it, etc.

If you implement this, it would be handy for the user of the lib to
have kind of $self->stream_file($filename, $optionalmimetype) method
which would do the above things and open and return a filehandle so
the above code could be reduced to:

return($self->stream_file($filename, 'application/octet-stream'));

I think I like this idea the best, although I'm not sure it belongs in the the C::A core. If we implement the idea of returning a filehandle instead of just text, then I would encourage you to implement this as a plugin. CGI::Application::Plugin::Stream anyone? For information on plugins see on the wiki.

+        if (ref($body) ne 'GLOB') {
+            # Support scalar-ref for body return
+            $bodyref = (ref($body) eq 'SCALAR') ? $body : \$body;

One question: if you are just checking for a GLOB, will that catch class based file handles like the IO::* family?

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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