Tobias Henoeckl wrote:

>We stepped into memory problems using CGI::Application, as our
>application had to deliver a file to the customer after doing some
>calculations and access control. It worked well until our customer
>started to serve *really* huge files, wich were slurped into memory
>by the run mode handler and then returned for delivery.
>As far as I could see there is no way supplied in CGI::Application to
>stream a file directly from the file system to the user agent.
I've been here before myself:  see this thread:

The solution there that I used (suggested by Steve Comrie) was simply 
this:  Set $self->header_type('none'), then print the headers yourself, 
then read & print the file in blocks of, say, 2048 bytes at a time.  
Finally, have your run mode return '' (the null string).

CGI-App itself will then do nothing more -- you've set header_type to 
'none', so it won't output any headers, and you've returned nothing from 
the run mode, so it won't output any content either.

Worked well for me.

- Steve

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