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Date:   Tue, 13 Apr 2010 12:56:41 -0700
From:   joyce mcintosh <joyce.mcint...@oracle.com>
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On 04/13/10 11:37 AM, Kasper Bræmer-Jensen wrote:
Hi Joyce,

Thanks for your reply.

On Apr 13, 2010, at 7:39 PM, joyce mcintosh wrote:

These are change notification messages to Explorer to tell it that
something has changed and it needs to refresh. They should occur
when, for example, a new file is created. Explorer requests such
notifications. When you shut down Explorer it stops requesting
these notifications and hence you stop seeing the traffic.


I see. Thanks for clearing this up.

But this does not explain why I get 10.000 of these requests every second, at the same second that I enter the share. Nothing on the server is being written/updated that much, and this is happening around the clock, in any directory on the server. The server is not that busy, and this starting happening from day to day.

Yes, it is indeed rather strange.

I tried creating a "temp" folder, moving all folders and files to that folder in the same share. It continued to happen even after I moved all the data there, even though no applications or clients should be able to read/write to anything.

Is there any way to enable some kind of verbose debugging to see what is actually happening here?

Are you familiar with dtrace?
I think the only way would be to create a dtrace script to
trace all of the places that could generate a notification.
Places that call smb_process_node_notify_change_queue()
or smb_node_notify_change().
That would at least tell us what change smbsrv is detecting
and notifying to Explorer.


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