Hi Joyce,

Please see these two files:


I only saved a smaller bunch of packets, if you want more, I'll send you the 
full file. Same with the cifs-diag.txt, I did censor it a bit, and removed more 
sensitive informations. If I missed out something, please notice me and I'll 
take the file down instantly. If you want the full (uncensored) file, I'll send 
it to you personally.

Thanks for taking your time looking into this issue.

Kind regards,

On Apr 14, 2010, at 1:36 AM, joyce mcintosh wrote:

> Can you provide a binary network packet capture of the 
> traffic that you are seeing.
> Can you also provide the output from running cifs-gendiag, 
> available here:
> http://opensolaris.org/os/project/cifs-server/files/cifs-gendiag
> Thanks
> Joyce
> On 04/13/10 04:02 PM, Kasper Bræmer-Jensen wrote:
>>> Are you familiar with dtrace?
>>> I think the only way would be to create a dtrace script to
>>> trace all of the places that could generate a notification.
>>> Places that call smb_process_node_notify_change_queue()
>>> or smb_node_notify_change().
>>> That would at least tell us what change smbsrv is detecting
>>> and notifying to Explorer.
>> Unfortunately, I do not know dtrace at all. I've spent the past few hours 
>> trying to create something useful out of the existing scripts in /opt/DTT 
>> and some examples I found online, but I've been unable to do anything useful 
>> (I'm not even 100% sure on what and how I should use those functions..). I 
>> got some help in #dtrace on IRC (Freenode), that was useful but did I never 
>> got something to work.
>> I grepped for existing dtrace script using the above functions, but was 
>> unable to find anything at all, even containing smb_*.
>> Could you provide me with some pointers on how to do this? I've been 
>> thinking of different ways of solving this, but I seriously have no idea on 
>> where to start, or where to go.
>> Kind regards,
>> Kasper

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