Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:
I'm trying to move from Samba to the CIFS server in osol, and came across this 
problem... It seems the users, all in the 'other' group (gid 1). Still, files 
are set to group -1. zfs aclmode has been set to groupmask, but I don't think 
that's the problem.

----------+  1 roy      other          9 May 28 09:45 Copy of test.txt
d---------+  2 petter   other          2 May 28 10:22 hurra for meg
----------+  1 petter   other          9 May 28 09:45 test - Copy.txt

Why do you say that files are set to group -1? I don't see any -1 above; I see group "other" as the group setting for the file, and I see an ACL entry for group 2147483648. 2147483648 is reserved to mean the Windows group "SYSTEM". (If you thought that 2147483648 was -1 as an unsigned number, no, that's 4294967295.)

Adding "ad" to the "passwd" and "group" lines in /etc/nsswitch.conf should cause the system to show Windows names like this in your ls output. See ad(5).

Did you want to explore why SYSTEM gets into your ACLs? The first step would be to look at the ACL for the directory these files are in. If it has inheritable ACL entries, the SYSTEM is probably there; if it doesn't, I believe you're seeing the system default ACL (which I believe matches the Windows default ACL).

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