Previous Versions should work from any share, anywhere
in the directory hierarchy.

I suspect this may be an smbautohome share problem.
We'll look into it.


On 06/11/10 07:49 AM, MichaelHoy wrote:
We have a zpool with a volume and in that volume we have a number of 
directories which are dynamically shared via smbautohome.
e.g. zpool pstuds, volume a and directory a1234567.

The server is a member of an AD.
The directory name matches the local user account (local for setting ACLs) 
which maps (idmap) to the AD user.

Works like a charm.

By the way, we needed to use a directory for the home space as opposed to a 
volume since we have 50k users’ home directories.

Trouble is…I can’t see the snapshot directory or view previous-versions whilst 
in the users’ home folder.

If I share the volume which the directory sits in then I can however explore 
the UNC path (\\server\pstuds_a\.zfs\snapshot\mhtest\a1234567) and see those 
files which I have deleted.

The question is, should I be able to explore/previous-versions of the snapshots 
when I’m in a directory of a volume or are snapshots only visible from the root 
of the volume?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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