zfs is only ever visible at the root of a dataset.

We can't reproduce the nested directory Previous Versions problem.

Can you provide a network capture (wireshark) for the nested
directory scenario?

If you provide a capture, please also include the smbautohome file,
'ls -lVd' output of the target directory and details of the user
accessing the share.  Output from cifs-gendiag would also be good.



MichaelHoy wrote:
Thanks for the prompt responses.

If the destination of the smbautohome is a volume then yes, I concur. Previous 
Versions works and .zfs is visible e.g. zpool pstuds, volume a, volume a1234567.

My problem occurs when the destination is a directory nested within a volume 
e.g. zpool pstuds, volume a, directory a1234567.

I cannot see .zfs or Previous Versions when I use this hierarchy unless as I’ve 
already explained, I point to a higher level UNC at the volume level which is 
not ideal.

Other than set an ACL on the directory, I’ve altered nothing from the default 
so I think this should work.

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