Am 01.09.2010 02:16, schrieb Alan Wright:
> As I mentioned back in June, we have not been able to reproduce
> this problem and...
>> To investigate, please provide:
>> - a network capture (wireshark) and 'ls -lVd' for the working scenario
I could give you a capture for the two variants of accessing my home
share, as I don't need to reconfigure anything therefore.
But this I would send private (maybe you can send me a s/mime send mail,
so I have your publicKey?)
>> - a network capture and 'ls -lVd' for the failing scenario

ls -lVd would be equal, as nothing was changed

# ls -lVd /export/data/Sekretariat/*
d---------+ 15 Administrator A Sekretariat      15 Jul  1 15:03
    group:A Sekretariat:rwxpd-aARWc--s:fd-----:allow
    group:Domain Admins:rwxpdDaARWcCos:fd----I:allow
d---------+ 16 Administrator B Sekretariat      18 Aug 27 12:53
    group:B Sekretariat:rwxpdDaARWc--s:fd-----:allow
    group:Domain Admins:rwxpdDaARWcCos:fd----I:allow

>> - user details for users accessing the shares
Domain Admin in my case.
>> - your smbautohome file
Not involved here, but anyway:
# cat /etc/smbautohome
*       /export/data/users/&
>> - output from cifs-gendiag
> Network captures would be really useful in understanding what is
> going on.
> Alan

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