I don't think you can create a share like that on a remote
system even on a Windows share. To create a share on another
system you need to use MMC as Keyur has pointed out.


On 07/22/10 10:04 AM, keegam wrote:
I'm  trying it from a windows 2003 server. The domain controllers are windows 
2008, but I didn't try it from there.

I'm not sure if there is any operation that is failing. When i create a folder 
(in windows, on the cifs share) and right click, and select properties, there 
is no 'Sharing' tab. There is only General, Security, Previos Versions, and a 
Customize Tab.

If there is some method of creating a new share that I can try that might 
generate an error, I can do that.
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