Is there some simple mapping process, something similar to the old
samba mapping file smbusers... at least on some linux distros.

It worked like this:

   Unix_name = SMB_name1 SMB_name2 

Or is that not supposed to be necessary with cifs?

I was trying to study this page... and was on the verge of dry heaving
from straining my pea brain within a few minutes:

It seems way over complicated for a home lan user.  And I suppose that
isn't where it is targetted either.  

I get rejected sometimes on cifs shares... not at other times.
But before getting into piles of details about it:

My working windows uid is different than solaris uid but I do have a
windows user on every windows machine with the same name as my solaris
user.  It used to be necessary to do that just to make windows
networking work with other windows machines.

I wonder if it would help if the user attempting to use a share is
the same name as a user with permissions for those files on the
solaris machine.

Or... a mapping system that makes it look like is what is happening.

Maybe this is all spelled out somewhere besides that page I
cited... if so maybe a pointer to a URL would be good.

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