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[...] Thanks for the good input

>>> Some of the experts and semi-experts that have populated the newsgroup
>> microsoft.public.windowsxp.* and its forrunners..
>> Have posted that as a solution to windows networking problems for yrs.
V> Semi-experts. I like that :-)  Those are the people that Jay
> Leno talks to when when he's jaywalking.  Right?.  Got it.

Not sure what you mean... I guess you mean the posters are dunces or
something like eh?

And of course there are herds of those in the windows newsgroups.
However there are a number of heavy hitters that can tell you a very
lot about networking with windows machines.

Probably not quite the level of expertise you may find in solaris
groups but still not Dough Doughs either. 

Any way... thanks for the useful input... well appreciated here.

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