I'm not aware of any known caveats of that nature regarding that upgrade path.

Any recent network changes between ccm and the gateways since the upgrade?

I have seen situations with MGCP where the ccm side of the gateway config had 
to be rebuilt after a CCM upgrade.

Are you running an ED code version on the gateway? Check for caveats in your 
gateway code version with ccm 10.5.1

Have you restarted the MGCP process on the gateways (inside a maintenance 

In a more drastic approach, you could try and reintegrate the gateways as h.323 
and see if the issue persists.



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>2 PRIs one each Communication Media Module– MGCP gateways. 2 Call Managers set 
>up as redundant.
>Cisco TAC looked at RTMT  with me today.  They want us to set up packet 
>captures and try to duplicate the problem tomorrow.  I am just wondering if 
>this is an upgrade issue that anyone else may be experiencing since we had no 
>problems before the upgrade.
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>Have you gandered into RTMT and taken a look at any active / recent alerts?
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>Subject: [cisco-voip] Temp Fail since upgrade
>A few weeks ago we upgraded Call Manager and Unity Connection from 8.6.2 to 
>We have experienced 2 intermittent outbound calling issues:
>1.       “Temp Fail” shows on phone display and only option on phone button is 
>“End Call”
>2.       Outbound callers dial a number and hear nothing but notice the phone 
>display says “Connected”.  Caller cannot hear anything.  Person they called 
>cannot hear anything.
>***These issues are only intermittent.***
>We had no issues before the upgrade.
>Is anyone experiencing the similar issues?
>Thank you in advance.
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