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> Unfortunately Google didn't turn up any useful information. 



...and try adding your specific flavor of Linux.

> "... the list archives are available to be downloaded as mbox format,..."
> I didn't see how (or why) to  download the list archives as a mailbox file  -
> perhaps the website documentation could be improved.

If you go here:


...the "gzip'd Text" links are mbox files, aka text files containing messages
appended together.

> "...you'd consult the logs..."
> That's what I thought.
> But the directive default settings in the  clamd.conf   file are
>  #Logfile  <disabled>
>  #LogSyslog no
> so there is no logging to look at;  nor is there any readily available samples
> or explanations of what should be in the logs.

You'd consult the logs for your MTA, like Postfix or sendmail, and/or the 
between the MTA and ClamAV, like amavisd or a milter.

> Thanks for answering the question.

You're welcome.  You'd get better results if you mentioned which version of
Linux you were running and how your mail system connects with ClamAV.

(We can't guess what you're running....)


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