Hi Saeed,

On 2018 M02 2, Fri 15:05:19 CET Saeed, Khurram wrote:
> Hi,
> Nucleus
> ReadyStart<https://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/nucleus/readystart/> is
> an eclipse<https://www.eclipse.org/ide/> based IDE by Mentor Embedded(tm).
> It is used for creating and building C/C++ based Nucleus
> RTOS<https://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/nucleus/> projects for
> embedded devices. We have added a new generator in CMake to give the option
> of generating Nucleus ReadyStart based projects to our customers. This is
> not a 'make-based' generator as Nucleus ReadyStart projects are built using
> Eclipse CDT managed build system. In this generator we are generating
> .project and .cproject files for Nucleus ReadyStart application.
> Do you think we can contribute this generator to community?

does that mean it also works for "normal" Eclipse CDT, or only for ReadyStart 
If it works for Eclipse in general, I would happily remove the current Eclipse 
CDT generator (which I wrote).
Do all tests pass using your generator ?



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