On 2018 M02 9, Fri 13:16:19 CET Saeed, Khurram wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> I have not made it available anywhere so far. Although my target while
> writing this generator was only to make it work for ReadyStart projects.
> However, I think with some effort down the road it might be possible to use
> it for normal Eclipse CDT projects as well.
> We want to make it available to general public but we have been wondering
> whether or not it would be "acceptable" to have a generator that generates
> managed Eclipse CDT projects?

well, Brad is the maintainer.
I think in general a "real" Eclipse CDT project generator would be preferred 
over the existing one which generates a makefile-based project for Eclipse.

I could try to support you a bit.

Does it support generating the project in the build dir, i.e. outside the 
source dir (or in a subdir of the source dir), and does then the Eclipse 
version control plugin (svn/git) work ?



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