On 2018 M02 14, Wed 18:46:52 CET Saeed, Khurram wrote:
> Thanks Alex.
> Yes it does support generating the project in the build dir. It also works
> while generating in a subdir of the source dir. Eclipse version control
> plugin also works (I am using git).

How did you get that working ?

Let's say the directories look like this:


I guess this is what you generate, right ?
How do you get the source tree into this project ?
The Eclipse-generator in cmake uses a "linked resource" to the source dir, but 
the version control plugin is not activated for those files.
According to the Subversion-Plugin developers this is because the source files 
are then outside the "project directory", i.e. no below the directory where 
the .project file is located.

So I'm really interested how you got that working.
Can you send the .project and .cproject files for a simple hello-world project, 
built out-of-source ?



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