Hi Alex,

I have not made it available anywhere so far. Although my target while writing 
this generator was only to make it work for ReadyStart projects. However, I 
think with some effort down the road it might be possible to use it for normal 
Eclipse CDT projects as well.

We want to make it available to general public but we have been wondering 
whether or not it would be "acceptable" to have a generator that generates 
managed Eclipse CDT projects?

Best Regards,

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Hi Kurram,

On 2018 M02 7, Wed 12:09:54 CET Saeed, Khurram wrote:
> Hi Neundorf,
> This generator can only be used for generating Nucleus ReadyStart IDE 
> projects. It generates Eclipse CDT project files that use ReadyStart 
> specific plugins and configurations.

I have the impression Brad was not overly excited.
On the other I have the impression that the Eclipse CDT team is also not overly 
excited of the cmake server mode (at least 2 years ago when I was on the 
mailing list).

Would it be hard to extend your generator so that it can also be used for 
"normal" Eclipse CDT projects ? Is it already available somewhere, e.g. github ?



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