Hi Listers,  I'm having trouble searching the archives for info on the 
possible repair scenarios for a keel bolt seeping seawater.  It's not much, 
just slightly weeping.  I know this has been written about extensively but not 
finding it on this forum.  The worst case scenario is the keel must be dropped 
and rebedded and I know someone on the list has done this before.  What is the 
bedding compound of choice?  Is there any other, as in cheaper, scenario that's 
viable?  The tops of the bolts and their nuts look in good shape and there's no 
rust/corrosion on what I can see.  It's the part that I can't see that I'm 
nervous about. I will get the boat hauled to better check it out and look at 
the options, but considering her age (she turns 40 next month), have to 
consider the options. I don't have the pockets to get emotional about this. One 
of us weeping is plenty! Thanks for your help.  Barbara L. HicksonFlight Risk, 
'76 C&C33-1Charleston, SC  

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