OK Collin I put a few pictures of my holding tank and the invoice for it at 
. Let me know if that URL doesn't work for you. 

Looks like the PO spent ~$200 on it from http://www.trioniccorp.com . They no 
longer list the exact model he ordered but I bet the 2015 would work, and you 
might need the custom fitting kit. 

Obviously the PO must have had to take apart all that cabinetry to install the 
tank, and put it back together afterwards. I'm sure he fabricated that shelf 
around the tank. I haven't gotten in there to see how he mounted / supported 
the tank on the hull. In the pictures of the tank, the silver hose at left is 
the vent, and there is a vent fitting just below the rub rail on the outside of 
the hull (see also 
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-NqAxQ6JxFTY0VBM2hlT0hveDQ ). The center 
white hose goes to a waste pump-out fitting on the deck. I'm guessing both 
those fittings were already there when the PO installed the new tank. The white 
hose at right is black water in from the toilet, which loops over from far 
right (i.e. forward most). 

I also threw in a couple shots of the toilet pump and under-sink plumbing for 
completeness. In the picture of the toilet pump, the silver hose is flush water 
in to the pump; the white hose on top is flush water out from the pump. The 
white hose on the bottom is black water out from the toilet. In the under-sink 
shot you can see those same flush water to pump, and black water from toilet 
hoses. Plus the fresh-water lines and pump to the sink, and the drain and 

The way my washroom is plumbed, I don't have overboard discharge or Y valve or 
above-waterline loop etc. And I can flush the head with raw lake water, but I 
don't. I always flush it with fresh water from the forward tank. My first 
reason for doing that was to keep lake water bacteria and organic matter etc. 
out of the system, to reduce odor. But maybe a second advantage is that it will 
help the system last longer to use cleaner water. I can also drain the sink 
into the lake, but I don't - I generally pump the sink drain water through the 
toilet into the holding tank. So I generally keep that through-hull seacock 
closed all the time. There was an earlier thread on head plumbing back in 
April, if you're interested: 

For where I sail (a lake in Colorado with a pump-out station at the marina), 
this arrangement works fine. If I was doing extended cruises offshore I'd 
probably want overboard discharge and raw-water flush. But for now I don't need 
huge holding tank capacity, and I don't like the idea of smelly sloshy holding 
tanks right under the pillows in the V berth :) 


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Hey Randy, 

Yea it would be helpful if you knew where he ordered the tank from, if I could 
find one that fit well for a good price that would help out a lot. 

On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 8:52 PM, RANDY <randy.staff...@comcast.net> wrote: 

Hi Collin, 

Welcome. If you look at the various 30-1 brochures ( 
http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/brochures/brochuresndx.htm ), it seems C&C may not 
have installed a holding tank originally, but began doing it somewhere in the 
production run. For example 
http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/brochures/30foot/30b2pg02.htm says "Washroom Port 
side ... large locker outboard with double sliding doors for toilet articles. 
Stowage under". And http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/brochures/30foot/30b3pg04.htm 
says "WASHROOM Port side - ... large storage locker with sliding doors" and 
"Interior Equipment and Fittings: Marine toilet with retention device for those 
areas requiring it". But 
http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/brochures/30foot/30b1pg02.htm says "TANKAGE: 
Holding: 13 U.S. gallon tank". 

I have hull #7, built September 1972. I just bought it in January. My boat has 
a holding tank in the washroom on the port side outboard, behind those sliding 
doors. The PO advertised "complete new holding tank" as part of work he did in 
2012. I don't know if he installed one in the same place as an old one, or 
what. I believe I have the invoice on the boat, showing what he ordered and 
where he ordered it from. If you're interested in that, I could get it next 
time I'm at the boat and send you a scan of it. 

But I would imagine you could install a holding tank in that location, and only 
have to deal with removing and replacing (and custom fitting) wood paneling and 
trim etc, instead of installing one in the stowage compartment under the port 
side of the V berth and having to enlarge the fiberglass opening there and run 
the plumbing into there, etc. 

Best Regards, 
Randy Stafford 
S/V Grenadine 
C&C 30-1 #7 
Ken Caryl, CO 

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Hello, This is my first posting to this list. I'm used to forums like on the 
Moyer site, so hopefully I'm doing this right. 

I have a 1974 C&C 30 MK1. To my knowledge, it was built without a blackwater 
holding tank for the Head. At some point over the last 40 years a P.O. put a 5 
gallon Jerry can in a storage compartment in the V Berth and installed a Y 
valve after the macerator. One side of the Y valve goes overboard the other 
goes to the Jerry can. 

I'd like to install a legitimate holding tank and I think the storage 
compartment on the Port side of the V berth is a good spot. 

Here's my question... 

The current opening to that storage compartment is very small, just barely fits 
the square 5 gallon jerry can. Can I make that opening bigger without affecting 
the structural integrity of the boat? I understand that I'll have to make the 
hatch sturdy so it won't fall through when you sleep in the v berth. There is a 
lot more to do, like install and plumb a pump out deck plate. But the placement 
of the holding tank, and finding one seems to be the hardest part. 

Thanks for your help, 



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This list is supported by the generous donations of our members. If you like 
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