Hi all:

I'll be moving my C&C 37 "Trinity" from San Francisco to Oceanside (near
San Diego) in November.
I have heard interesting "tales" about sailing the California coast and am
doing my best to prepare.
However, I have not owned my boat for very long (less than a year now) and
I am new to the C&C brand.
Is there anything I should be aware of in terms of how she might perform or
behave on the trip or anything I
should be wary of? Do those of you who have made extended voyages or
cruised CA have any advice?
This trip will be about 400 mi, by my calculations an she seems a quality
boat and I feel it will be a good adventure in coastal cruising.

Thank you in advance!

Fair Winds....

Jim :-)

Jim Eagon [K6JFE]

I'd rather be sailing!

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