Also be aware that pretty much any C&C with large following seas can be a bit 
squirrely to steer.  I helped Wal Bryant move his LF38 down the California 
coast heading for Mexico several years back; our best bet with NW wind and 
swells was to head offshore due south about 70 miles, then head back toward 
shore.  That brought the wind and swells more on the quarter, and helped 
stabilize things.

Wal had a Monitor wind vane, which steered like a champ for most of the trip.  
And we didn’t see much of the “winds after midnight” easing; but we were coming 
on the heels of a pretty big offshore blow.

Make sure your boat is well prepared, with everything stowed well; and make all 
the other usual offshore preparations, like jacklines and other safety gear 
ready.  Make sure to keep the crew well-rested, and don’t have anyone spend 
more than a four-hour watch in the cockpit at night; it can get cold out there, 
and hypothermia can be a real concern.  Keep lots of high-carb (i.e., 
chocolate…) snacks handy, and eat well the rest of the time, with hot meals 
when you can.

That 400 miles will go by pretty fast once you’ve settled in to offshore 

— Fred

Fred Street -- Minneapolis
S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- Bayfield, WI

> On Oct 12, 2016, at 2:55 PM, Fred Hazzard via CnC-List 
> <> wrote:
> Pick a good weather window with winds from Northwest.  Be flexible as to when 
> you leave.  Point Conception can be very windy.
> Generally after midnight winds ease.
> Fred Hazzard 
> S/V Fury 
> C&C 44
> Portland, Or
> On Oct 12, 2016 12:36 PM, "Jim Eagon via CnC-List" < 
> <>> wrote:
> Hi all:
> I'll be moving my C&C 37 "Trinity" from San Francisco to Oceanside (near San 
> Diego) in November.
> I have heard interesting "tales" about sailing the California coast and am 
> doing my best to prepare.
> However, I have not owned my boat for very long (less than a year now) and I 
> am new to the C&C brand.
> Is there anything I should be aware of in terms of how she might perform or 
> behave on the trip or anything I 
> should be wary of? Do those of you who have made extended voyages or cruised 
> CA have any advice?
> This trip will be about 400 mi, by my calculations an she seems a quality 
> boat and I feel it will be a good adventure in coastal cruising. 
> Thank you in advance!
> Fair Winds....
> Jim :-)
> -- 
> Jim Eagon [K6JFE]
> I'd rather be sailing!


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