Home Hardware sells pure propylene glycol. Search for Cryo-Tek concentrated 
18.9 liters ( 5 US gallons ) is $135.

It may be that glycerin based antifreeze is the best choice for winterizing an 
engine block
though other than in sprinkler systems it has not caught on.

Michael Brown
C&C 30-1

From: Steve Thomas <sthom...@bellnet.ca> 

The plumbing antifreeze sold here is denatured ethyl alcohol (ethanol), which 
is not great for rubber parts, but not as bad as methanol. As I noted in my 
last post, there is sometimes available a "premium" version plumbing 
antifreeze, which does contain at least some propylene glycol, but it contains 
ethanol as well. I went to some lengths to try and get a product that was based 
solely on propylene glycol and was not successful here in Ontario, and I could 
find nothing online anywhere in Canada, except as I also noted previously, the 
grossly over priced speed shop engine stuff. Either you have had good luck with 
ethanol, or the plumbing antifreeze that is available where you live is 
different. I wasn't so worried about the impeller in the engine as I am about 
all the rubber parts in the head. It is both a PITA and expensive to rebuild.  
Steve Thomas 
Port Stanley, ON 

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