You might think that, but it is not. 
Recochem used to make a propylene glycol engine antifreeze here that was widely 
sold under various brand names, notably Prestolite, but they don't anymore. It 
came as a something of a shock when it was no longer available. Some automotive 
speed shops have a version that is imported from the States, but it is absurdly 
expensive. None of the former retailers I talked to, including Canadian Tire, 
could give me a reason for its disappearance from the marketplace. There is 
sometimes available a premium plumbing antifreeze that contains propylene 
glycol in some proportion but it doesn't say in what proportion, and it still 
contains ethyl alcohol. In short, it is difficult and expensive to find here, 
and for no apparent reason. I have resigned myself to using the environmentally 
unfriendly ethylene glycol. 

Steve Thomas
Port Stanley, ON

---- "Della Barba wrote: 
Propylene glycol is very easy to get around here. I would think it would be a 
very easy thing to find in Canada too. You all do have RVs and vacation houses 
up there, right???
C&C 35 MK I
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There is a school of thought that maintains that the impeller might deteriorate 
in the antifreeze, especially, since most of the AF is Ethylene Glycol. IIRC, 
the better one would be Propylene Glycol, but it is not easily available.

Btw. if AF drains, it is only better (you don’t have to worry about water 
diluting the AF.

1994 C270 “Legato”
Ottawa, ON

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I am curious about why you advocate taking the impeller out.  Won't antifreeze 
drain out of your engine when you take the cover off the water pump?



C&C 32 Wanderer


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