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> Dennis is the "rinse/flush" sue to the salt buildup? Would you recommend
> the same for freshwater furlers? Thanks

Always an interesting question.  Yes and no.

I suspect a furler drum in salt water service gets some salt.  However, if
a swivel gets salt you've got serious issues and I suggest reducing sail
plan earlier.  :)  Hahaha.

Actually, in truth, the swivel can get salt.  Many of us who live or visit
the coasts can remember seeing a salty haze when the wind pipes up.  We see
salt on our vehicles windshields even when parked overnight well away from
the coast.

"Things aloft" are subject to spiders, bug nests, pollen, wind blown dust,
etc.  Definitely not unheard of to find spider webs, etc. in wind
instruments.  Swivels are exposed to the same perils.

All I know is, when my furler starts to get "wanky", I drop the sail and
flush everything.  Seems to work.

On the surface, furlers seem pretty simple.  In actually, they are highly
engineered pieces of equipment which require competent installation,
correct alignment, halyard and forestay tensions within a fairly forgiving
range and routine maintenance.

Had a guy call me this week about an in mast furler system problem.  Said
the sail was stuck in the mast.  He tried to extract it with a come along
with no luck.  A come along???????  Holy crap!!!  Lucky he didn't break

Couple other comments on furlers.  Don't leave a wrap or two on your sheet
winches when furling in breeze.  The sheets will flog and the back and
forth action can break a winch.  Yup, I know.  I broke some teeth off the
skirt on my primaries until I figured that one out.  Oops.  Had alloy
winches.  Now have chrome bronze and stainless winches.

Never ever put the furling line on a winch.  Ease the sheets, turn upwind,
whatever but don't winch the furling line.  Helps to have a switchable
ratching block on the furling line.

Also make sure you have enough wraps on the drum to fully furl in breeze.
The easiest way to add more wraps is to carry the jibsheets forward and
wrap them around the furled sail a couple more times.

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA


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