The 4th issue might not be applicable for most of us.

From the Trojan FAC section:
3. How far can I tilt my batteries?
For flooded batteries, 22 degrees from vertical is the maximum recommended tilt. AGM and Gel batteries can be operated vertically or horizontally.

I rarely sail at over 22 degrees heel.
A C&C is losing ground at 25 degrees heel, according to "Pointing & Weatherhelm" in the Tuning Tips section of the cncphotoalbum website.

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There is a 4th issue too for wet cell batteries.

While AGMs and Gels have more options for orienting the batteries in your box, wet cell battery orientation matters in sailboats. One should orient the batteries artwartship (i.e. the long end of the battery turned beam to beam) as apposed to parallel to the boats centerline. You will kill your batteries much sooner while healing if your wet cell batteries are along the centerline. This is because the wet cells that make up the battery are longer along the battery width and short along the battery length, so a heeled battery has more exposed lead plates if its along the centerline. It's like running your batteries low on water.

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