>> I do not see the way so far how desired data could be extracted from a 
>> function
>> (or expression?) parameter. Would you like to make the introspection options 
>> a bit
>> clearer for the SmPL interface?
> You can inherit and test properties of anything you like in python or ocaml 
> code.

I have got an SmPL approach working.

> If you inherit some kind of metavariable other than a position variable,
> the term will be represented as a string.

This software design aspect might look sufficient for a basic variant of the 
source code search pattern.

> But that should be fine for detecting eg if a string has only one character.

I have got a few concerns for further software development considerations.
How do you think about to support also an advanced interface by which it could 
determined if a preprocessor symbol would correspond to such a desired character
(instead of fiddling with regular expressions within a rule for the embedded 
language script)?

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