On 18 Sep 2016, at 3:12 AM, Kyle Sluder <k...@ksluder.com> wrote:
>> For anyone seeing the same thing, the solution seems to be to change the
>> max size of the toolbar items to the unexpected "expected" size.
> Yes, the intent of the warning message is to get you to do that. But
> since you’re linking against and deploying to Mavericks, I fear you’ll
> wind up with too-big buttons on older OSes. Could you please file a bug
> report with a sample project attached, and send me the bug number?

Will do. So if I understand you correctly, my options are:

* Change the max size as above, and have toolbar items potentially appear the 
wrong size pre-Sierra;

* Ignore the warning and have everything appear as it should in each version;

* Perhaps set the max size in code, based on the running OS version.

FWIW, I'm also seeing it on another project, which is more complex: the toolbar 
items are all moderately subclassed, it doesn't use autolayout, and it's all 
done in code rather than a nib. I've tried a few things, but I can't see any 
way to make the warning go away. 

I think I understand the point of the message, but the adamant tone is going to 
put developers in an invidious position if users start logging bugs with them 
over it.

>> I
>> thought I'd already tried this without success, until I realized what was
>> happening: I had edited the values, then closed the toolbar editor in IB.
>> I've now realised that the changes were not being saved; when I reopened
>> the toolbar editor, the old values were still showing. Running once with
>> the toolbar editor open seems to have made the changes 'take". (And yes,
>> I tried cleaning at various stages.)
> This sounds worthy of investigation. Could you please file a bug report
> detailing the _exact_ steps that resulted in your changes being
> forgotten? Send me that bug number too please.

It's #28348587.

>> Along the way I discovered another problem in Xcode 8: setting a button
>> to image-only in IB still shows any title if there is one.
> I think we have a bug report on this already.

I've already filed #28348535, which includes a simple example.

Shane Stanley <sstan...@myriad-com.com.au>
<www.macosxautomation.com/applescript/apps/>, <latenightsw.com>


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