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> The strange behavior I am now seeing is that when I show & hide the panel 
> using the buttons are what appears to be two (not three, not four, etc.) 
> different instances of the inspector panel. The autosave information only 
> appears to apply to one but not the other.

A couple of things:

1. You’re keeping the panel window instance reference in 
InspectorWindowController.sharedInstance, but not keeping a reference to its 
window controller. That causes its window controller to be deallocated early, 
although that likely has nothing to with the rest of the problem, since the 
panel doesn’t have any custom behavior yet. You should keep a reference to the 
window controller instead, and that will keep the panel alive too.

2. You’re doing a “performClose” to hide the panel. If you do an orderOut 
instead, you get the behavior you want.

Note that you are getting a new instance of the panel because the window segue 
mechanism decides the first one has disappeared. Again because it’s not 
documented how window segues work, there’s no way of knowing what the “correct” 
behavior is supposed to be. (Your panel window is correctly set to “Single” 
mode in the storyboard, which is what’s supposed to prevent multiple instances 
from appearing.)

Also undocumented — forever AFAIK although others on this list may know more 
about this — is what a window “close” (or “performClose”) does, other than 
ordering out the window and (if it’s set to release on close) to release it. 
Whatever a “close” actually does, it’s making the storyboard mechanism unable 
to find the panel instance, so it creates a new one. (Your panel is *not* set 
to release on close, and I was able to verify that it’s not being released 
regardless, so this is not anything you appear to be doing wrong.)


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