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URI for an ISBN or SuDocs? I don't think the GPO is going anywhere, but the GPO isn't committing to supporting an http URI scheme, and whoever is, who knows if they're going anywhere. That issue is certainly mitigated by Ross using for these, instead of his own personal http URI. But another issue that makes us want a controlling authority is increasing the chances that everyone will use the _same_ URI. If GPO were behind the URIs, those chances would be high. Just Ross on his own, the chances go down, later someone else (OCLC, GPO, some other guy like Ross) might accidentally create a 'competitor', which would be unfortunate. Note this isn't as much of a problem for "born web" resources -- nobody's going to accidentally create an alternate URI for a dbpedia term, because anybody that knows about dbpedia knows that it lives at dbpedia.

So those are my thoughts. Now everyone else can argue bitterly over them for a while. :)

The ones that really puzzle me, however, are the OpenURL info namespace URIs for ftp, http, https.... and info. This implies that EVERY identifier used by OpenURL needs an info URI, even if it is a URI in its own right. They are under "info:ofi/nam" which is called "Namespace reserved for registry identifiers of namespaces." There's something so circular about this that I just get a brain dump when I try to understand it. Does it make sense to anyone?


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