Thanks Ere. Yeah, I found that information too , but it's not enough. Maybe I should contact the Zotero developer(s)? Anyone know the best way to do that?

Ere Maijala wrote:
This was the only information I found when I developed unAPI support for our MetaLib installation: <>. Based on my experimentation and looking at the code, if my memory serves:

1. At least the formats mentioned in the forum post. I believe it uses the docs attribute to distinguish formats, as type can be e.g. application/xml for multiple formats.

2. Weird, but I don't remember how. I ended up providing only MARCXML, DC and RIS, because it chose MODS over MARCXML if it was available and did something that sucked. Things may have changed, this was in 2008.

3. Didn't test this one, we only provide a single record at a time.

4. It chose COinS over unAPI at least at the time, and I found that to be a bit problematic.

5. Dunno.


On 6.4.2010 16:48, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:
Anyone know if there's any developer documentation for Zotero on it's
use of unAPI? Alternately, anyone know where I can find the answers to
these questions, or know the answers to these questions themselves?

1. What formats will Zotero use via unAPI. What mime content-types does
it use to recognize those formats (sometimes a format has several in
use, or no official content-type).

2. What is Zotero's order of preference when multiple formats via unAPI
are available?

3. Will Zotero get confused if different documents on the page have
different formats available? This can be described with unAPI, but it
seems atypical, so not sure if it will confuse Zotero.

4. If both unAPI and COinS are on a given page -- will Zotero use both
(resulting in possible double-import for citations exposed both ways).
Or only one? Or depends on how you set up the HTML?

5. Somewhere that now I can't find I saw a mention of a "Zotero RDF"
format that Zotero would consume via unAPI. Is there any documentation
of this format/vocabulary, how can I find out how to write it?

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